WHAT CLIENTS AND PROFESSIONALS ARE SAYING ABOUT  coaching with Sharon + Unique EQ programs:

John Sampson, CEO, Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership:  Empathy is more, much more, than just understanding and feeling for others.  Empathy is a practical and powerful tool in building a performance culture in any organization  Sharon possesses a deep understanding of the science of empathy and its impact on the results achieved by leaders and teams.  I have witnessed the tangible benefits of her consistent and passionate counsel in developing what it takes to discover the full potential in the authentic strengths in our leaders and teams.

Bill Teichmiller, CEO EJ Water Cooperative, Inc:  Sharon has an incredible ability to connect dots quickly and get you on a path of understanding and comprehension. As I’ve lead my organization over the years, developing our teams and next generational leaders has become a top priority as we’ve scaled our business. Sharon’s council has brought me greater clarity to slow down and listen to our teams which has brought less frustration and greater impact in serving our mission.

John Micsak, MA, LLPC. CTC Author of Healing the Inside Child and Founder of the National Institute for Resiliency and Wellness:
Sharon has put her passion and heart into the plight of traumatized populations. Her Attach, Attempt Achieve program is groundbreaking in terms of reaching children and families at the core of healing, which is restoring broken bonds through the power of neuro-relational approaches. Schools and communities could greatly benefit by incorporating her program which addresses the crucial need of attachment for disenfranchised children and the adults who care for them.”

Alexis Macklin, PhD Library Science. “I’ve used the Unique EQ program with Sharon’s coaching for 12 professional coaching hours. If she had told me that I would see this much growth in my life time, I wouldn’t have believed her. If she had said that I would experience this much growth in 12 hours of this program, I wouldn’t have even signed up. But I can attest to the life changing experience of feeling felt and coached at this level of emotional intelligence as truly life changing!”

Roger in Indiana, Family Business Owner:  I have known Sharon for over 5 years. Her Unique EQ and Executive EQ Programs has helped me and my entire family  understand one another better through better communication skills. As a business owner she has worked with my employees as well. This has translated into a smoother run and more productive company.

Lisa, LMHC: Meeting with Sharon marked the beginning of true healing for me – she has played a pivotal role in who I am today, and how I feel overall.  I was at a point in my life where I felt desperate to just feel better or at least feel “normal” again.  After coming out of a narcissistic relationship along with the unexpected death of this person only months later, my mind was all over the place – my emotions were like a tangled ball of yarn.  Chaos and destruction seemed to define my life at that time.  I felt disconnected from myself – I was experiencing cognitive dissonance, hyper-vigilance, dissociation, panic attacks, identify loss, lack of confidence, loss of self-esteem, severe doubt/uncertainty of myself and the world, and just constant FEAR living life every day.  Originally I was going to get connected with a group; instead I ended up meeting individually with her.  I’m so very grateful that I did.  Meeting with her led my body to start getting back in a more parasympathetic mode.  I felt very heard and understood by her.  I was able to understand how my past attachments or lack of, have an impact on my life and various relationships that I choose to be in.  Sessions with Sharon were not only educational but also therapeutic.  Even though Sharon is more of a coach and not officially a “therapist”, she has the true qualities of a therapist, and in fact, has been more helpful to me compared to various licensed therapists that I saw in the past.  Every time I met with Sharon, she appeared extremely attuned to me, and engaged in the present moment.  I felt her empathy, care, and compassion.  The meeting place, being her home, provided a sense of peace and serenity.  As a current therapist, I HIGHLY recommend Sharon.  I understand the different therapeutic techniques, and often times, this component of EQ is missing.  Without understanding empathy, emotional intelligence, and attachment, it makes it very difficult to work through the hurts and pains that may be from years ago, stemming back to childhood.  Emotions determine our reality – how we experience life.  It’s vital to work through these and gain a better understanding of anything that has hindered you along the way in order to see true growth, healing, and ultimately FREEDOM.

Margaret Machlan, MSW, LCSW: Sharon is high energy, genuinely invested in facilitating growth in personal and relational maturity. She has a gentle and inviting style that gives a welcoming atmosphere. I appreciate her intricate knowledge about the brain and making connections.

Karen Kaehr, MS, Parkview Behavioral Health:   I just wanted to let you know how very much I appreciate and value the training that you have been giving me. The understanding of how the brain impacts our emotional and intellectual worlds has been invaluable both in a professional and personal manner. In understanding Type A and Type B trauma I feel better prepared to address so many of these issues presented by our patients on a daily basis. As science continues to understand the immense complexities of the brain, psychological theory integrated with neurological and physiological findings will be the treatment of the future. Thank you for sharing with us your passion and your years of study and exploration into the effects of attachment and bonding. You truly have changed my life and therefore impact the patients I see and will see in the future.

Jeri Forrest, LCSW: As a therapist with Parkview Behavioral Health. I wanted to take a moment to express how truly grateful I am to have met Sharon Kuhn and to have been trained in the Attach, Attempt, Achieve Program. ! It has been life changing. I have grown both personally and professional. I have learned SO much about myself in my relationships/family as well as gained skills as a therapist. I have much more confidence in myself as a therapist through affirming, attuning, co-regulation, love languages and other skills learned through my work with Sharon. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making that possible. It has impacted my children. My little Lucas (almost 4 years old) told me, “When somebody loves me the way I am, that tells me I’m perfect!” I can’t imagine not having the support of this program.

Doug Kellenberger, MA, LMHC Attuning Hearts Institute:

I can be a voice about how Sharon Kuhn and her unique EQ program has affirmed my identity, increased my self esteem, and positively affected my previously unknown need for attachment and connection. I have worked with Sharon for a number of years creating strategies and presenting seminars. Even though her neural brain skills and presenting skills are excellent, the most effective part of what she offers is herself. She has a unique gift to recognize even the most subtle qualities in a person she’s with and then conveying that back to them in way that motivates them to achieve at a higher level. I call her the queen of affirmation. Any individual or leader will profit from engaging in time with her to optimize the development of their potential.

Shelley, Indiana: In all my years of counseling, with many different types of counselors, I’ve never experienced anything like what she does–she works quickly and deeply, somehow getting to the core of things. She’s been a phenomenal support to us, both as a couple and individually. To me, it’s like counseling on steroids.

Christel R. Pennsylvania: I can say in utmost confidence, that Sharon Kuhn, with her vast and intimate knowledge of brain processes, profound relational insights, and extraordinary empathic gifts, is breathing vitality and highly efficacious methods into the field of mental health. Sharon’s vested expertise and her uniquely heart-felt contributions to the groundbreaking field Interpersonal Neurobiology promises to infuse clients, colleagues, professionals, business persons, etc., with a brand of discovery and healing proven to have rippling effects.

I am writing this review from the perspective of both client and professional. I am a highly sensitive artist and aspiring clinician myself who has suffered most my life with complicated challenges of identity, matters of the proverbial heart, and emotional processing. I have a long history of major depressive disorder, educational pursuits, and issues concerning professional direction. After many years of seeking healing, personal advancement, and a sense of improved self-efficacy, I had all but given up on common therapeutic methods that proved incomplete. A chance encounter with Sharon Kuhn changed everything. Sharon is able to see straight through to the heart of the matter; she compassionately and rightly names it, warmly embraces it with the client, and places the client’s heart gently into their hands by reinstalling the irrefutable belief that we are all precious human beings with inherent value and the right and ability to love and be loved. She does this by addressing critical interpersonal processes that likely did not feed the brain during our most formative years as infants and young children. It is my informed belief that, if there was ever an abysmal gap in the healing efforts of metal health, Sharon Kuhn has found the way to bridge it.

As a student of counseling psychology, I was never satisfied with theories and approaches that defined themselves to the exclusion of myriad others.  The Attach, Attempt, Achieve program and Center for Empathy have my utmost respect and acclaim as being highly effect programs. I applaud Sharon Kuhn; God bless the work of her heart.

Pamela Werling: Sharon has helped me to find my voice and has helped me help my family. My self-esteem has improved which helps me relate to others without the fear I’ve experienced all my life. I am starting to feel valuable to others because I understand my unique identity and am feeling loved in a new way. I have an increasing amount of security. She has helped me individuate and be myself.

Kathy B. Ohio:
Your program has helped me deal with my own trauma and with my son’s Bi-Polar disorder more than twenty years of other types of therapy! Your intuitive mercy and gentleness have helped me gain attachment and FINALLY build self-esteem and security. that I have never known. Thank you, Sharon, for your work in Trauma Informed Care!

Jack B, Fort Wayne, IN:
I’ve known Sharon for about three years. She has taught me extensively about living from my heart. I have more confidence in my ability to interpret others.  Most men in my trade feel they must personify a course, hard exterior. Although it may not be the stereotypical image of someone in my field, I am certain that it is well received although not outwardly acknowledged.

G.  Blufton, IN:
The more I hear it, the more I thrive with trauma informed care. The more it sinks in, the easier it is to implement, the more I implement it, the more joy and resiliency I obtain…and the more resiliency I have…well the more joy, peace. Thank you for EVERYTHING you do for/with me….it means sooo much!