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Sharon Kuhn

Sharon Kuhn is an Emotional Intelligence and Organizational Health Consultant, Leadership Coach, NeuroLeadership Advisor, and Forbes Coaches Council Member. She is the author of “Your Interior Design,” a highly personalized, brain based self-mastery program. Sharon is a Practitioner in The Cortina Method of trauma resolution, the brain based model used by Operation Warrior Resolution, and a certified facilitator of the 6 Types of Working Genius—A Table Group/Patrick Lencioni.

Your Interior Design coaching guides you through phases of self-awareness for talent mastery. The program gives you tools to use your strengths in new ways, alleviating defense mechanisms and changing stress, uncertainty, and conflict to success. It puts you in the driver’s seat of your emotions and thoughts, helping you think, feel, and be your best self at work and at home.

Empathy, A Guide to Maximizing Human Potential Empathy: A guide to Maximizing Human Potential – Cover

Patrick Lencioni, Author, Organizational Health Expert and TEDx Speaker:Empathy is such an extraordinarily rich and useful book.  Which is no surprise because it is written by Sharon Kuhn, a wonderful, thoughtful person who has a passion for helping people heal in the most profound ways.  I can’t recommend this book enough, and most everything else that Sharon does.”

Sharon is a member of Forbes Coaches Council contributing articles relating to leadership and Productivity and  in the business world.


Harvey Deutschendorf, Author of The Other Kind of Smart: Sharon’s book, Empathy is a must read for Leaders to become Leaders.

Eric Emmerich, Business Owner, Housing and Construction Manager: How amazing is it when you understand yourself, understanding who you are and what you stand for. It’s amazing … things will happen to you and around you, like: team cohesion, less stress, your maximum potential, the teams maximum potential, a better place to work, more breakthroughs.  If you’re able to have all that in your day-to-day career imagine the happiness you’ll have at home. Having the best you everyday… Through all this Sharon mirrors my “WHY” and supports me as I can get lost in the weeds, which typically can create stress. Sharon then gets me re synced, reconnected, and back to the road to success that we originally created together.”


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