Unique EQ for Business

The Hard Science behind the Soft Skills of Success in the Workplace

As a small family business owner and Forbes Leadership Coach, Sharon would like to welcome you to a unique tool box designed to highlight multiple dimensions of your own and your employees emotional intelligence.

Unique EQ Coaching and Tools

Unique EQ coaching guides you through phases of self-discovery and self-awareness for self-management. The program gives you tools to use your strengths in new ways, alleviating defense mechanisms and changing stress, uncertainty, and conflict to success. It puts you in the driver’s seat of your emotions and thoughts, helping you think, feel, and be your best self.

Phases for Building Self-Awareness Ensuring Confidence and Success

Tools that fortify emotional intelligence are basic to self-management and key to success. Science shows us that self-awareness is linked to motivation and the ability to confidently handle stress. Reaching your goals and impacting your team hinges on your personal-development and stability.

Burn Out Prevention and Recovery

Sharon provides a framework for preventing burnout or recovering from it. You’ll very quickly move through phases of refreshed confidence, productivity and personal satisfaction. Teams benefit when leaders are mentally strong and personally available.

You can transform your self-image and ability to turn stress to productivity through self-awareness and self-management for achieving personal satisfaction, confidence and success.

What People are Saying

Here is what Bill Teichmiller, CEO EJ Water Cooperative, Inc says Sharon has an incredible ability to connect dots quickly and get you on a path of understanding and comprehension. As I’ve lead my organization over the years, developing our teams and next generational leaders has become a top priority as we’ve scaled our business. Sharon’s council has brought me greater clarity to slow down and listen to our teams which has brought less frustration and greater impact in serving our mission.”

Unique EQ naturally generates workplace solutions and results by uncovering mental or cultural blocks that waste energy . Tapping into employees’ perspectives and providing tools for self-understanding, self-awareness, and self-direction is a multidimensional task made easy with Unique EQ.