a lunch and learn package for ORGANIZATIONAL HEALTH –  experience unique eq

THE SCIENCE – Discover the hard science behind the soft skills of empathy. Increase collaboration among your leaders and teams through simple yet cutting edge tools. Gain powerful insights for utilizing bias as an opportunity for growth in diversity, inclusion, equity and team potential.

THE UNDERSTANDING – Learn why valuing diversity is essential for developing vulnerability based trust, making conflict productive, increasing commitment to organizational goals and holding each other accountable for continuous growth.

THE UNIQUE EQ MODEL– Acquire tools that compliment all other workplace assessments for optimizing diversity where it matters most for each employee. The tools provided are as essential for family systems as they are for workplace wellness. Team members grow both personally and professionally. Betterment increases as employees use tools ongoing to bring their unique whole self to work each day and return to their homes and communities as a more inclusive and confident self.

THE EXPERIENCE: 1 Lunch and Learn + 6 hours of 1:1 Coaching in the science of Empathy as the Basis for Equity and Inclusion—the powerhouse of innovation.

  • Science of empathy— foundation for belonging and inclusion
  • Science of fear— hidden dangers, formation of bias
  • Tools for increasing belonging— creating safety for vulnerability based trust
  • Understanding Post Traumatic Growth (PTG) for resilience post Pandemic
  • Understanding Post Traumatic Growth (PTG) for whole brain potential
  • The role of belonging and team trust in a healthy immune system (activation of immune healthy in belonging or deactivation of immune health due to stress and fear)
  • Tools— Self-exploration/group affirmation with 2 EQ tools tailored specifically for improving your team’s unity, collaboration and innovation.

Cost: $2,500.00 for up to 6 participants

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Join us for A complimentary Unique EQ webinar:

building high performance culture for maximal business outcomes

Date and Time: WED, march 10th, or april 7th, noon – 1:00 PM EsT
You’ll leave with curriculum and understanding on:
  • How to increase your own empathy
  • How empathy increases SELF-ESTEEM, team trust, creativity and innovation.
  • How an emotionally intelligent culture equips you to retain best talent and select the right employees who add unique value to your team identity.
  • The hard science behind the soft skills of empathy  that positively impact your bottom line

Cost: FREE. Please send your name and interest to We look forward to hearing from you!


10 Annual International Conference on Emotional Intelligence, presented by SoEI- March 18th and 19th, 2021 London, UK –

Keynote Harvey Deutschendorf – will start the conference off telling his own story and sharing his work in the field of emotional intelligence. Find out more and enroll here:


Wednesday, March 11th, 9- 12noonWhere:
Workspace Solutions
2208 Production Road
Fort Wayne, 46845


  • This webinar series will be held twice, starting in April and May.

    Series 1

    • Thursday April 30, 11:30-12:10
    • Thursday May 7, 11:30-12:10
    • Thursday May 14, 11:30-12:30

    Series 2

    • Wednesday May 27, 12:30-1:10
    • Wednesday June 3, 12:30-1:10
    • Wednesday June 10, 12:30-1:30
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