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Unique EQ Coaching 

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Do You Need EI Support? Emotions can be confusing making work and relationships stressful.

Learning to relate well to yourself, family members or co-workers depends on understanding emotions and the needs that lie beneath the behaviors that mask them. Daily stress takes a toll on how we see our self and our ability to influence others in a positive way.

We want to empower you to have the quality relationships you desire with your family and your co-workers.

Gain EI tools that address challenges such as:

  • Relationship issues both personal and professional
  • Stressful emotions
  • Conflict
  • PTSD
  • Focus deficits such as ADD or ADHD
  • Employee motivation
  • Pre and post adoptive dynamics
  • Attachment and behavioral issues
  • Conflict resolution
  • Low self-esteem

Your Unique EQ coaching experience will be tailor made for your personal challenges, goals and scheduling. Whether in-person or by phone, in addition to the common concerns listed above, you’ll receive:

  • Support in understanding what happens in the brain when differences, fear and vulnerability mask unhealthy behaviors
  • Brain-based keys for developing new behavioral patterns
  • Brain-based keys for healing trauma and meeting emotional needs
  • Tools for developing secure attachment bonds for relational stability (how to stay engaged, loving, calm and hopeful during times of stress)

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