Coaching & Consulting


Do You Need Support? Relationships can be confusing. Learning to relate well to yourself, a spouse, a toddler or at teen depends on understanding the needs that lie beneath the behaviors that mask them. It is stressful trying to connect with loved ones when we are unsure of what they need. Daily stress takes its toll on self-esteem which should be the powerhouse for relational wellness. Get help through attachment interventions that can empower you  to be the stabilizing agent for yourself and your family! Understand the basis for healthy self esteem and get help with challenges such as relationship issues, inability to handle stressful emotions, PTSD, ADHD,  pre and post adoptive dynamics etc. Find help for reaching sensitive and at-risk youth and adults using Unique EQ methods through in-person coaching sessions or through phone coaching. If you live in the Fort Wayne area, you may call to schedule a personal coaching session. If you are long distance, phone coaching is a comforting and beneficial option!

Whether in person or through the  phone, coaching offers: 

  • Support in understanding what happens in the brain  when fear and vulnerability mask unhealthy behaviors.
  • Brain based keys for healing trauma and meeting emotional needs.
  • Tools for developing secure attachment bonds for relational stability  (how to stay loving, calm and hopeful during times of stress).

If your household income is less than $45,000 annually, you can request the minimum fee. Please note that these rates are a full 60-minute hour as compared to a 50-minute insurance hour.

Call The Center for Empathy at (260) 443-3056

Cancellation Policy

Unforeseen issues come up from time to time and you may need to cancel an appointment. If that happens, we respectfully ask for upcoming appointments to be cancelled 24 hours in advance. When a client does not show up for a scheduled appointment, another client loses an opportunity to be seen during that appointment time slot.

A $25.00 rescheduling fee will be charged when an appointment is cancelled. This fee covers the time required by the Center for Empathy to contact additional clients and fill appointment times as they become available unexpectedly.

Although there has always been a cancellation policy, circumstances are making it necessary for us to work together to enforce it.