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We don’t just  manage the pain, we build the brain by turning every day   circumstances into developmental opportunities needed in a  high stimulus, fast paced world!

The Unique EQ  Program has been designed for implementation in family, school, and business settings for developing emotional intelligence, confidence, and motivation for personal and professional achievement. Based on brain science and attachment theory for relational effectiveness, Unique EQ provides cognitive tools for tapping into a wealth of emotional intelligence.

What Does Achievement have to do with Attachment?

Attachment is a word covering a broad range of emotional,  social and neurological development.  Neurologically, it is the foundation for neural circuity in the brain  for the development of identity and social and emotional reasoning  occurring in the front brain that begins in  infancy and continues throughout the life span.  Emotionally, it is a feeling of secure belonging. Without secure attachment, a person struggles with stress management. Adults and children who exhibit impulsive, compulsive, violent, aggressive or anxious behavior experience dramatically successful results with the Unique EQ Program. Leaders, parents and care givers are trained to create and recognize opportunities for affirming/developing joyful identity, talent and intellect.

When a person has not received the necessary nurturance for attachment, they are more stressed by personal, academic and social challenges.  Only when the pre-frontal cortex of the brain is “on line” can they enjoy learning and increased  vision for  talent based  endeavors.

Academia and social requirements in the school setting are challenging to youth.  Understanding attachment gives students and parents hope for the future.

Utilizing the a developmental brain model,  Attach Attempt Achieve helps parents evaluate their child’s ability to receive and give joy for successful development.

When parents are the foremost attachment and protective agent for the student, his or her sense of personal safety and belonging carries over into the school setting.  Measurable academic achievement is increased through this emotional safety factor.  In addition, real neurological brain function is increased for academia.

Business leaders use Unique EQ coaching sessions and tools to build morale  in their workplace for drawing out employee talent and building enthusiastic teams.

You can schedule your free Unique EQ consultation for increasing  your own self-esteem as well as skills in relational effectiveness, parenting, counseling, or business management.


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