About Sharon

Sharon Kuhn, the Author of Unique EQ, a member of Forbes Coaches Council and Emotional Intelligence Trainer, coaches Executives and Leaders in optimizing their teams’ unique potential.

When leaders and employees feel connected, vital and confident, everyone plays to their potential, breaking new records and exceeding their wildest dreams.

ROI – Sharon has worked for over 30 years in the area of scaling unique talent. Today she has translated that into tools for C-Suite Executives guaranteeing a 10x ROI on your monetary investment as well time invested in coaching.

Applying the tools of Unique EQ will polish your delivery and communication skills while helping you transform confusing behaviors and conflict into astute awareness for utilizing the potential of all players.

Sharon’s experiences and research have earned her the admiration of  her colleagues in the business and educational settings.  She wrote  Unique EQ, a transformational talent optimization program and Empathy, A Guide to Maximizing Human Potential based on her own mental strengths program, compiling best practices for personal growth.

Sharon is proud to be a part of the Evoking Genius Team developed by John Hittler. Her genius talent is: Creating abundance where none exists. By idealizing a best outcome and creating a compelling structure sufficient to engage both people and resources, Sharon crystallizes the full potential for all who play. She believes that full individual expression leads to ultimate success.

She is passionate about motivational speaking and training in self-esteem and talent mastery.

Sharon would love to discuss your vision and help you maximize your success. Take advantage of a complimentary 30 minute call or virtual meeting. Or email Sharon to schedule a one on one coaching session at sharon@sharonkuhn.com. 260-443-3056